Dating back to 1955, the Gower Federal Services contain governmental agency decisions many of which are not readily available elsewhere. The Royalty Valuation and Management decisions are enhanced by indices developed by the Foundation. Subscriptions to these loose-leaf services are available on a calendar-year basis. The services may be purchased individually or as a combined subscription at a discounted price, except for the Royalty Valuation and Management Service, which is purchased separately.

New subscribers are provided with all material retroactive to January of the calendar year and are billed for the full calendar year. Subscribers are invoiced automatically at the end of each calendar year.

An additional one-time charge for base volumes is added to the price of new subscriptions to the Outer Continental Shelf and Royalty Valuation and Management Services. Thereafter, renewal subscribers pay only the annual subscription rate.

The Gower Federal Services are:

Gower Federal Service - Mining

Gower Federal Service - Oil & Gas

Gower Federal Service - Royalty Valuation & Management

Gower Federal Service - Outer Continental Shelf

Gower Federal Service - Miscellaneous Land Decisions

Gower Federal Service - Package including Mining, Oil & Gas, Outer Continental Shelf, and Miscellaneous Land Decisions