The National Summit on Homeland Security Law is held each year near or on April 19th, the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.


The 5th Annual Summit will take place on April 18th and 19th, 2019.  On the first day, Thursday, April 18th, the American College of Environmental Lawyers (ACOEL) will host a three-quarter day regional meeting, open to all Summit participants.  Included on the agenda will be presentations and panel discussions on catastrophic environmental releases focusing on each time frame of environmental releases, including mitigation and preparedness, release response and recovery, reviewing case studies of recent environmental events and recent developments in preparedness and response strategies including environmental insurance.  Also, we plan on holding a workshop highlighting disaster preparedness, response and recovery resources such as equipment – drones, contractor services, software – crisis response cyber platforms and the Firstnet Initiative, and voluntary resources including possibly canine units. The meeting will be followed by a reception at the law school open to all Summit participants. 


On Friday, April 19, we will hold a full day summit – featuring speeches, panel presentations and discussion facilitated by legal experts actively moderating panels of federal, state, municipal and private sector leaders.  Discussion will focus on regulatory law and policy protecting critical infrastructure such as oil and gas pipelines, electric grids, water resources, food, and water distribution systems, communication channels, transportation systems and high-risk facilities such as chemical plants or refineries. In this context, panel participants will address counterterrorism and preparedness, including cybersecurity issues, risk management and insurance coverage, as well as response, recovery, and legal liability arising from disaster events.  Specific focus will be given to recent lessons learned and ongoing efforts to improve disaster preparedness and response capabilities with the most current information and policy developments.  A closing reception will follow the presentations on April 19th.


Approved for 14 hours of CLE credit.