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A Selection of Ethics Issues in Bankruptcy Cases

Dealing with Financial Distress in the Oil & Gas Industry (2010)

A Sketch of the Colorado Water Court Systems and the Utilization of Water Records in Colorado

Natural Resources for Legal Assistants and Land Support Personnel (1979)

A Strategic Look at the Bigger Picture -Risk Allocation in Oil and Gas Operational Agreements

Strategic Risk Management for Natural Resources Companies (2008)

A Succession of Parties: When Does a State Succession Terminate a Contract?

International Mining and Oil and Gas Law, Development, and Investment (2015)

A Survey of Case Law Interpreting "Valid Existing Rights"—Implications For Unpatented Mining Claims

Proceedings of 34th Annual Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute (1988)

A Survey of Problems Associated With Ascertaining the Ownership of “Other Minerals”

Proceedings of 25th Annual Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute (1979)

A Survey of State Environmental Policy Acts

National Environmental Policy Act (2010)

A Survey of Statutes Governing Appropriation of Water Rights in Twelve Western States

The Water-Energy Nexus: Acquisition, Use, and Disposal of Water for Energy and Mineral Development (2012)