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Draft Rights of Way Handbook

, Rights of Access and Surface Use (1984)




To: Directorate Overview Group

THRU: Deputy Director, Land & Renewable Resources (200)

From: Terms & Conditions Study Group Leader

Subject: Study Group Report and Recommendations

This report conveys the findings and recommendations of the Terms and Conditions Study Group. Our accomplishments were primarily the result of the Study Group's efforts, however, the support provided by Bureau management at all levels and members of their staffs who were willing to help on numerous occasions provided significant contributions. We greatly appreciate their support and assistance.


The study group was established to review and analyze alleged impacts right-of-way terms and conditions contributed to the Northwest Pipeline Company's appeal. Major concerns of Northwest Pipeline Company involved BLM's terms and conditions in comparison with those used in private right-of-way easements and the inconsistency of the Bureau's use and administration of terms and conditions. The alleged inconsistencies included differences between BLM state, district, and resource area offices; variations in stipulation content and requirement; and terms and conditions which exceeded rehabilitation needs by imposing experimental and enhancement requirements.