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Cooperative Development With Indian Tribes: Finance and Lending in Indian Country

Nancy J. Appleby, Energy and Mineral Development in Indian Country

The BIA has worked to overcome these problems through the development of a new system for recording title documents, known as the Trust Asset Accounting Management System (TAAMS). TAAMS supports the management of trust title ownership, encumbrance and land records through a centralized BIA-wide system that is both modern and integrated.180 To this end, TAAMS replaced several BIA legacy systems such as the Land Records Information System (LRIS), which provided land title-related information, such as ownership and encumbrances, and the Integrated Records Management System (IRMS), which supported the land resource management function and contained information on Indians, leases, land ownership, oil and gas royalties, and trust fund accounts.181 In addition to replacing the legacy systems, TAAMS also pushed LTROs away from the use of their own in-house electronic systems and manual paper systems.182

[15-26] As currently implemented, TAAMS provides up-to-date legal and beneficial title ownership and encumbrance information for all Indian lands and resources, including automated calculation of fractional interests and automated chain-of-title processes and information.183 Title documents are created and entered at the agency and electronically delivered to LTROs via the TAAMS Title Image Repository where the document is recorded and processed into the land title, and then