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Contracts With Land Services Consultants

Carleton L. Ekberg, Douglas Gundry-White, Oil & Gas Agreements; The Exploration Phase (2009)

The cyclical nature of the oil and gas industry has been evident over the past 30 years.1 The ebb and flow of the industry has resulted in a corresponding ebb and flow in the demands put on the in-house land staff of oil and gas companies. Regardless of the status of the industry, however, oil and gas companies have used land consultants to augment and provide support to the internal land functions for a variety of purposes and in a variety of ways. Land consultants have been used to supply project services on a sporadic or recurring part-time basis when the addition of full time staff positions is not justified; to provide support on a discrete project with a limited time frame where existing internal staffing is insufficient to address the added demands of the project; to provide strategic services to implement the acquisition, exploration, and development plans of the company; to provide specialized services for which the land consultant may have specific expertise or talent; to mask the position of the company in a new play; and for a variety of other reasons. Those services may be performed routinely or sporadically in the company offices, in the offices of the land consultant, or in the field. In addition, land consulting services may be performed for an oil and gas company by an individual contracting directly with the company, or through a land consulting company where