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Colorado Minor Source Permitting

Ty J. Smith, Air Quality Challenges Facing the Natural Resources Industry in the Western United States (2007)

Minor source permitting in the Western United States has grown in complexity over the years. In recent years States have promulgated or adopted requirements for minor sources that in years past would have been considered stringent for major source categories. Learning to adjust to and embrace these new requirements is a challenge for both industry and the regulatory community alike.

The Colorado Air Pollution Control Division (CAPCD) has been very active in strengthening both their minor source permitting program and the associated compliance requirements contained within these permits. The minor source permitting process within Colorado is being discussed in this paper to help the reader better understand the overall process and various regulatory aspects that affect this process. Every effort was made to ensure accuracy in the discussion of the minor source permitting program this is still just an overview of the process and should not be considered a substitute for the actual regulations themselves.

Regulations Affecting Minor Source Permitting

Colorado's minor source permitting program is covered in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Air Quality Control Commission Regulation No. 3. This regulation is made up of three parts; Part A provides the general provisions and details the air pollution emission notice (APEN) req