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Changing Concepts in Patent Applications and Procedures

David J. McDaniel, Proceedings of 8th Annual Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute (1963)

The range of problems presented to and confronted by a corporate lawyer in a small department is too great to permit specialization. Nevertheless, the duties of an attorney for a steel company require him to learn something of the mining laws and the problems of prospectors and miners. Steel-making operations necessarily depend on raw materialscoal, iron, limestone, manganeseand the investigation for and development of a number of minerals. The Columbia-Geneva Steel Division is the western steel-producing unit of United States Steel and, in collaboration with its subsidiary, Columbia Iron Mining Company, a Utah corporation, operates a number of mines in the western states. Here in Colorado, ColumbiaGeneva produces coal from a mine near Somerset which supplements the production of the coal mines near Dragerton and Columbia, Utah. Columbia-Geneva has recently completed the construction of coal cleaning facilities near Wellington, Utah. The Division maintains a limestone quarry near Payson, Utah. Columbia Iron Mining Company operates and has operated for many years iron mines near Cedar City, Utah, and has a number of mining claims and prospects in western Nevada. The Division is now placing into operation a mine and iron ore processing plant near Atlantic City, Wyoming, the first project of this kind west of Minnesota, and it expects soon to [366] be shipping upgraded iron ore f