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Challenges of Project Development in Emerging Jurisdictions: The Goldcorp Perspective

David Deisley, International Mining and Oil & Gas Law, Development, and Investment (2011)

Goldcorp's objective is to generate sustainable prosperity through our business operations. We are committed to conducting our business responsibly at all times, which means respecting the safety and health of our employees, protecting the environment, respecting the human rights of our employees and the residents of the communities in which we operate, and contributing to the sustainable development those communities. These commitments are expressed in Goldcorp's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and our Human Right Policy. These policies are rooted in our company values, are guided by international standards and best practices, and are driven by our aspiration for excellence in the overall performance of our business. Goldcorp is driven to be responsible, respected, and welcomed.

The CSR Policy is supported by a framework and set of guidelines that are based on best practices. Our objective is to use these tools in Goldcorp's management of its business to ensure that regional and site managers effectively and efficiently implement the company's commitment to its stakeholders to generate sustainable prosperity through our business operations. The Human Rights Policy similarly commits Goldcorp to integrating human rights best practices into our business processes to inform our decision-making and due diligence processes. Goldcorp's human rights policy mandates tha