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Canadian Regulation of Transmission and Export of Gas

John M. Robertson, Proceedings of 18th Annual Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute (1972)

The purpose of this paper is to discuss certain aspects of Canadian regulation of transmission and export of gas which may be of interest to practitioners in the areas of oil and gas law and public utilities law and which may affect United States citizens and corporations. The United States has been partially dependent on Canadian gas to meet its domestic and industrial requirements for many years. It is evident that U.S. gas requirements are increasing at such a rate that there will be a continuing demand for any volumes of gas which Canada may permit to be exported as well as for gas which will be produced in Alaska. While the future course of events is likely to be largely determined by inter-governmental negotiations and political decisions in both countries and significant changes in present laws may be enacted, an understanding of existing laws and regulations pertaining to transmission of gas through Canada and export of gas from Canada may be of assistance in appreciating the nature of future problems in this area.