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Argentinean Uranium Exploration and Production Part of An International Nuclear Industry

Carmen Diges, Mining and Oil and Gas Law, Development, and Investment - Book 2 (2007)

Argentina's nuclear experience yields a case study of a fully integrated nuclear industry and the potential for a country with a past nuclear history to embrace present trends favouring nuclear energy in order to achieve future growth of its domestic and export markets. In light of the recent trends upwards in uranium prices and the popularity of nuclear power solutions to meet developing and developed countries' energy requirements, Argentina finds itself in a favourable landscape for growth. Concurrent with this substantial growth opportunity, Argentina and other similarly situated nations face a new set of challenges in terms of legal and regulatory responses to the sector and the need to balance the interests of various stakeholders from consumers to Governments and from industry to mining exploration.

Argentina is a leading nuclear nation, unique among its South American counterparts for its vertically integrated nuclear industrial structure. Since the mid 1940's, Argentina has possessed an internationally competitive nuclear industry. Two efficient operating nuclear plants currently produce approximately 8% of Argentina's electrical energy output. A third plant, in which construction was stopped in early 1994 at 81% completion, is now slated for completion over the next two to three years. In August 2006, Argentina confirmed its commitment to nuclear power when i