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Since 1955, the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation has published an entire library of books and manuals in conjunction with its Annual and Special Institutes, as well as a number of original articles published in its biannual Journal. These original, scholarly, and practical publications dealing with all aspects of natural resources law are available online through a subscription service on Casemaker called the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Digital Library.

Digital Library subscribers have immediate access to this comprehensive collection, constituting one of the most powerful natural resources legal databases ever compiled – close to 5,000 articles from over 250 books and manuals written by experts for the Foundation. You can print or create a PDF for a document, or copy and paste text into any standard word-processing program.


  • All Annual and Special Institute papers are included in full, along with many original graphics.
  • Original articles published in the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Journal are included, coverage beginning in 2004.
  • Page numbers from the original hardbound version are embedded in most papers, allowing for traditional citation.
  • Links on the table of contents take you to specific papers.
  • Documents can be downloaded or printed, and text can be copied and pasted into any standard word-processing program.
  • Full access to Casemaker4 features.


  • Search by keyword, author, title, or year.
  • Search a single volume or multiple volumes, or search the complete library at one time.
  • Follow linked text to other Foundation materials in the Digital Library.
  • Hyperlinks to Casemaker4 for cited cases, statutes, and administrative codes.
  • Browse your search results.



  • $295 per year for an individual user
  • $545 per year unlimited IP-based subscription



Not all of the written materials contained in the original hardbound form are included in the digital versions. Omissions may encompass copyrighted materials from other sources; certain statutes and regulations; selected tables, charts, graphs, and photographs; authors’ biographical sketches; and reproductions of transparencies, slides, and PowerPoints used during live presentations. Any omitted materials may be obtained from the Foundation for a nominal copying charge if you are a current subscriber..

Click here for a list of all volumes included in the Digital Library.