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The Natural Resources Law Teachers Committee coordinates biennial Institutes on natural resources, energy, and environmental law scholarship and teaching, co-sponsored with the Energy & Mineral Law Foundation, the Institute for Energy Law of the Center for American and International Law, and the Section on Environment, Energy, and Resources of the American Bar Association. It also organizes and hosts a natural resources law teachers’ lunch at the Annual Institute.


The Natural Resources Law Teachers Newsletter shares news of professional activities, such as articles, books, speeches, and specialized courses.

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The Natural Resources Law Education Committee serves to monitor the natural resources and energy law courses offered at Constituent Law Schools and suggest plans of action for the Foundation to facilitate and improve natural resources and energy law education and scholarship for law students.


The Clyde O. Martz Teaching Award, named in honor of the eighth president of The Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law, was established in 1993. Clyde Martz was an esteemed teacher of natural resources law whose casebook pioneered the teaching of the law of natural resources development. His many contributions to the growth and stature of the Foundation include editing the first edition of the American Law of Mining.

This award recognizes excellence in teaching natural resources law as the primary criterion. Consideration is also given to the fostering of a broad understanding of the law, the mentoring of students, and displaying an innovative style and other notable qualities in the classroom.

Distinguished recipients of the Clyde O. Martz Teaching Award:


2021: Reed Benson (New Mexico); Monika Ehrman (North Texas)
2019:  KK DuVivier (Denver); Jim Rasband (Brigham Young)
2018: John C. Peck (Kansas); Nigel D. Bankes (Calgary)
2017: Federico (Fred) Cheever (Denver)
2016: Robert J. Glennon (Arizona); Kendor P. Jones (Denver)
2015: John C. Lacy (Arizona); David R. Percy (Alberta)
2014: Alastair R. Lucas (Calgary); Jacqueline L. Weaver (Houston)
2013: John S. Lowe (Southern Methodist University)
2012: David E. Pierce (Washburn); Mark S. Squillace (Colorado) 
2011: Clayton Parr (Utah); Owen Anderson (Oklahoma)
2010: Doug Grant (Nevada-Las Vegas); Amy Kelley (Gonzaga) 
2009: David Getches (Colorado); Pat Martin (Louisiana State University)
2008: George Gould (McGeorge); Robert Keiter (Utah)
2007: Bruce M. Kramer (Texas Tech); Robert E. Beck (Southern Illinois)
2004: Harrison C. Dunning (UC Davis); Don H. Sherwood (Denver)
1998: Ernest E. Smith (Texas)
1994: Howard R. Williams (Stanford); Charles J. Meyers, Jr. (Stanford); Richard C. Maxwell (Duke)