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International Mining and Oil & Gas Law, Development, and Investment

Optional Pre-Conference Field Trip

Visit the site of the 2015 Samarco Fundão dam collapse and recovery efforts

April 8-9, 2019
Arrive a day or two early to enjoy Ouro Preto, where the field trip begins!

The Renova Foundation is offering conference registrants and guests an incredible opportunity to visit the site of the November 2015 Samarco Fundão dam collapse and learn about the extraordinary recovery efforts. Considered one of the biggest mining-related environmental disasters in the world, the task of repairing and compensating for the human, material, and environmental effects is being carried out by the Renova Foundation, created by a consortium of mining companies pursuant to an innovative multi-stakeholder governance model agreement.

Logistics:  Registrants may choose between a one-day field trip and a two-day option that will provide an even deeper view into the recovery efforts in this culturally rich and geographically diverse region of Brazil. Attendees will fly to the major city of Belo Horizonte, a 45-minute flight from Rio de Janeiro, and travel about two hours by ground to the historic city of Ouro Preto, where there are many hotel options (such as the Hotel Solar). The Renova Foundation is hosting guided bus transportation from Ouro Preto and all activities during the one- or two-day field trip. Flight arrangements, hotel, and ground transportation are the responsibility of individual registrants. A Facebook page has been created for attendees who would like to coordinate their travels between Rio, Belo Horizonte, and Ouro Preto.

The Renova Foundation has provided a preliminary field trip schedule and other information about the region, which includes information on hotels in Ouro Preto and ground transportation between Belo Horizonte and Ouro Preto. Please contact the Renova Foundation for information and to sign up.

Note: The field trip is not being conducted by the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation. Arrangements related to the field trip are the responsibility of conference registrants. The Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation shall have no liability arising out of or relating to the field trip. Participation in the field trip is at the sole risk of participants.