Mining Law Short Course: Domestic and International Issues
November 3-7, 2014 in Westminster, Colorado

Upcoming RMMLF Programs


Federal Onshore Oil & Gas Pooling and Unitization
October 28-29, 2014 in Westminster, Colorado


Energy and Mineral Development in Indian Country
November 6-7, 2014 in Tucson, Arizona


Climate Change Law and Regulations:
Planning for a Carbon-Constrained Regulatory Environment

January 22-23, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana


Core Course on International Oil and Gas Law
March 16-20, 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand


Nuts and Bolts of Mineral Title Examination
April 9-10, 2015 in Denver, Colorado


Enhanced Oil Recovery: Legal Framework for Sustainable Management of Mature Oil Fields
May 7-8, 2015 in San Antonio, TX


Oil and Gas Law Short Course
October 20-24, 2014 in Houston, Texas


International Mining and Oil & Gas Law, Development, and Investment
April 20-22, 2015 in Cartagena, Colombia

61st Annual Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute
July 16-18, 2015 in Anchorage, Alaska

Mining Agreements: Contracting for Goods, Services, and People
September 22-25, 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia

International Oil & Gas Law, Contracts & Negotiations
Houston, Texas
.- Part 1: October 5-9, 2015
.- Part 2: October 12-16, 2015

62nd Annual Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute
July 21-23, 2016 in Squaw Valley, California

63rd Annual Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute
July 20-22, 2017 in Santa Fe, New Mexico

64th Annual Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute
July 19-21, 2018 in Victoria, British Columbia

65th Annual Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute
July 18-20, 2019 in Monterey, California

66th Annual Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute
July 23-25, 2020 in Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Job Posting: Managing Counsel (Houston, TX)

  • Job Posting: IBLA Administrative Judge (Arlington, VA)

  • Job Posting: ONRR Program Manager (Lakewood, CO)

  • Job Posting: Senior Counsel - Marketing (Houston, TX)

  • 22nd Fall Conference of the American Bar Association Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources, October 8-11, 2014 in Miami, Florida

  • Call for papers: OGEL Special Issue on emerging issues in Polar Energy Law and Governance. The Polar areas provide special challenges, opportunities and restrictions regarding the development of energy resources, particularly oil and gas. The potential for enormous untapped energy reserves and the international law challenges of maritime boundaries borders and competing claims of sovereignty will make the Arctic region home to one of the most compelling sets of international legal issues in the 21st Century. The renegotiation of the Madrid Protocol in the Antarctic, which currently prevents mining in the Antarctic regions, combined with similar issues of competing claims of sovereignty, and the overarching Antarctic Treaty Framework means that potential energy resource development Antarctic region will become increasingly controversial and prominent. Papers should be submitted by 15 March 2015 deadline to as well as a copy to .

  • Job Posting: Senior Environmental Counsel (Phoenix, AZ)

  • Job Posting: In-House International M&A Counsel (Houston, TX)

  • Job Posting: In-House Senior Corporate Compliance Counsel (Houston, TX)

  • Job Posting: Associate Attorney (Philipsburg, MT and Sheridan, WY)

  • “Getting the Deal Through” books that were available at our Annual Institute are now being offered as ebooks for iPads.  Click here for information and access.
  • 2014 Clyde O. Martz Teaching Award: The Trustees of the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation are pleased to announce that the 2014 recipients of the Clyde O. Martz award for excellence in teaching natural resources law are: Alastair R. Lucas (University of Calgary) and Jacqueline L. Weaver (University of Houston).

  • OGEL Special Issue on the Governance of Unconventional Gas outside the United States of America. The diversity of geography, political context and perspective will provide a good insight into the complexity and diversity of the challenges involved in the governance of unconventional gas.

  • Eileen Jones is the new Chief Administrative Judge of the Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA).  Ms. Jones joined the IBLA on June 2, 2014.  She was most recently Chief of NOAA Fisheries Appeals Office, and has also served in federal administrative appeals offices in the Department of Agriculture and Health and Human Services.  Ms. Jones holds a JD from Temple University, and an MA and PhD (in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management) from Tulane University.

  • Treatise On Wyoming Water Law, authored by Lawrence J. MacDonnell, who has 30 years’ experience as a practitioner and scholar on western water law and recently retired as a professor of law at the University of Wyoming College of Law.

  • Landman's Legal Handbook, Fifth Edition - Available in both hard copy and e-book formats.

  • Postgraduate Scholarships: The Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law & Policy, University of Dundee (CEPMLP/Dundee) is offering up to a maximum of six fully funded postgraduate scholarships leading to the degree Master of Laws (LLM) in Mineral Law and Policy. Scholarships are funded by Rio Tinto plc. The LLM focuses on the law, policy and governance of mineral resources management. The award will offer successful candidates payment of academic tuition fees, 12 monthly stipends for living expenses for a single student, and an arrival allowance and thesis/assignment allowance. You will find more details on eligibility and information to apply from

  • The masters degree in Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law is proud to announce its specializations in Mining Law and Policy, Energy Law and Policy, and Oil and Gas Law and Policy. We offer one of the most comprehensive Natural Resources and Environmental  course work in the nation. Apply online today, and we’ll waive the application fee! There are several scholarships available for the fall. 

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